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Added photo galleries to this blog

A photo gallery plugin has been added to this blog. Two galleries have been added so far. One shows some pictures taken during visits to Cebu Permaculture Initiatives and the other shows photos taken during a visit to the mangrove forest on Bantayan Island. Both places are located in the Philippines. Please click “Photo galleries” in the menu below the top banner to visit these galleries.

Must see: Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, computer science professor Randy Pausch, decided to give his last lecture in front of a full auditorium in September 2007. The lecture is about achieving your childhood dreams and inspiring others. I am not going to write so much more about it, but just recommend that our readers watch this video, as almost 12 million people have done already on You Tube. Read more..

Website review: Open courseware, bringing higher learning to everyone

When I look back at my time at the university in the nineties, I often wish that I had the web in its present form available to me back then. Because many times there were just too many students for the lecturers and the so called student assistants to handle. So, if you got stuck working on a problem, you remained stuck, because you never got around to ask anyone to help you out. There always seemed to be too many other students waiting in line ahead of you. Read more..

The world’s first osmotic power plant prototype opened in Norway

The world’s first prototype of a power plant that utilizes osmosis to produce electric power was recently opened in Norway, by the state owned power company Statkraft. It is indeed a prototype, in the sense that it produces a rather limited amount of electric power, but a full scale plant is planned to be in place during the year 2015 Read more..

Must see: Transition movement’s Rob Hopkins on TED-talks

Previously we have written about the Transition Movement as well as the TED conference here on “Green Tech the Open Source way” Here is Rob Hopkins of the Transition Movement delivering a speech at TED earlier this year.

If you want to know a good approach to a world beyond oil dependency, and if you want to know how local resilience is a step beyond sustainability, then you should spend 20 minutes of your time watching this interesting talk. Read more..

The brutal end of the growth paradigm

What if you started a colony of bacteria inside a bottle at 11 o’ clock and it doubled every minute? Assume that at 12 o’ clock the bottle was full, meaning that the bacteria population has reached the point where the environment inside the bottle can sustain no more of them. Now, at what time before that happened was the bottle half full?

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Travel report, Philippines September 2009

FlagRPGreen Life Innovators’ chairman Vidar Kristiansen and deputy chairman Espen Tverback recently spent 3 weeks in the Philippines. This trip marks the start of GLI’s activities in this country. In this article Vidar shares the experiences from the trip with our readers.


Read more..

GLI Philippines Tour 2009, Sept 13th-October 2nd

FlagRPFinally, the Green Life Innovators Philippines Tour 2009 is ready to begin. The tickets have been bought and I am ready to go. The tour will take place between September 13th and October 2nd. I will be meeting up with GLI co-founder and deputy chairman, Espen, who came to the Philippines in June and will stay there for one year. Though he has to leave for work occasionally during this one year period. Read more..

Must see: Carl Sagan 10 years after the making of Cosmos

If I should name the one person that has influenced me the most in my life among those I have actually never met, then probably it would be the late Dr. Carl Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996). Carl Sagan was an astronomer, author and educator, especially famous for the television series Cosmos. And Cosmos was indeed where I first came across his work. Read more..

Must see: Richard Heinberg on our post carbon future

Ecologist Richard Heinberg is the head of the Post Carbon Institute and the author of he Party’s Over, Power Down, The Oil Depletion Protocol, and Peak Everything. In this interview he talks about the future of the human species with a lesser and lesser supply of fossil fuels. He also points out that the human species is no different from other species when it comes to what happens if the resources needed to support the current number of human organisms on this planet become inadequate. He even dares say that population growth constitutes a problem. In other words, he dares to say what in the eyes of many people is a taboo even to think.

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